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The latest series of ice road truckers deadliest roads have attempted to amp up the alleged threat levels of the roads this year after last years dreadfully boring season where everyone was paired off with local drivers, this year they have paired the ice road truckers together in an attempt to make it more interesting whilst keeping the safety of having a spotter on these unknown roads, also after one crew retired they bought in a team of newbies tino and tim zucker early on in the season in order to spice things up as neither tino nor tim have ever driven the ice roads or any dangerous roads with tim only ever having driven trucks in the back of a depot and never having setout on a long journey before.

Perhaps they chose these two because they would make more interesting tv and add to the danger levels but from the first moment I saw tim on camera and he stated how he’d already drank 20 energy drinks and his disregard for the danger and his attitude I knew immediately he would be a danger and after one attempt at the road his teammate decided forever he would be spotter due to his recklessness on the roads and his lack of experience in even handling larger lorries on long distance deliveries.

In this weeks episode it showed the teams delivering some dinosaur models to be exhibited, and immediately I had noticed they had been stored stupidly, I mean with the taller dinosaurs surely they knew they were too tall to fit through the caves and had not been wrapped remotely so that they would be seen by the camera whereas they could have been securely tied down lengthways and less prone to damage which is what makes me feel bad for lisa as she definitely did everything in her ability to ensure that the dinosaurs were undamaged and made it as far as a low bridge where inevitably the dinosaurs were decapitated because they were just too tall a load to fit under the bridge.

Unfortunately the other teams were not so careful with their loads, hugh’s load was never shown but it was clear from the talk of the artist stating all 6 dinosaurs were damaged that these arrived in a bad state too, however this may have been down to tim and tino’s reckless driving and deciding that racing against hugh and actually attempting to ram him off the road was a sensible idea, it was amazing that the statues arrived as well preserved as they did considering the reckless abandon they showed in speeding through the roads and not once considering the load until near the destination where the damage had already been done.

Tino and tim were rightly charged for the damages from their wages, which I’m surprised actually cover the expense of replacing the artwork considering the price such creatures would make in england or the united states of america, however clearly a trucker in this country would earn more in one delivery than the price of replacing the artwork, I just hope that other teams were not held responsible as there was clearly nothing lisa and her teammate could have done to protect those dinosaurs all the way to delivery and there was video evidence showing how carefully they had taken the delivery and how every duty of care was shown in delivering these items.

The major question remains how tim zucker at the very least will find employment when he returns from this journey as clearly if I was his boss or any other employer of drivers I would not employ him after his behaviour and attitude on the show, clearly he does not care about the loads and instead lives for the danger and thrills and would continue to express these reckless behaviours in the future and even influences tino to behave in such manners also so this proves that he would be a danger to any workforce encouraging dangerous behaviours on the road.

One issue with this season is that they have added in stock footage of landslides and other accidents that they continuously add into the episodes in order to pretend things are more dangerous than they actually are, but these clips of rockslides and other things like this simply distract from the episode because they are clearly happening elsewhere in another location filmed on an entirely different camera due to the change in contrast and filming quality, however they believe this adds to the episodes authenticity, also at the end of every episode they makeout some disaster is happening in the next one that when you watch the episode NEVER actually happens, so what have they hoped you forget by next week or what? Saying that though even with all of the distractions it does succeed in being more entertaining than the previous season however I believe it would be without the added stock footage and pretend dangers, all I can say is I hope tino and tim are taken on next season as otherwise they will most likely be unemployed for some time.

This festival season I was in the position to be able to work a few different events, I had to cancel T in the park because my tent had died at the isle of wight and I was in no position to purchase a new one in time to work at the event so the next event I was available for was V staffordshire at weston park.

Usually it would be full of familiar faces from previous years however this year it seemed most of the regular staff were nowhere to be found, of course I was placed on the Virgin “our house” and “hidden garden” bar so this was a little more closed off than the regular bars and not many staff were required on these however everyone would have still been on the staff campsite on the friday night none of us were working but I did not see anyone around. Add this to being taken advantage of by being placed on stock at regular barperson wages it made the event no fun especially as the A shift I would normally do was altered to be a longer shift rather than getting most of the event off. Talking to other staff members most people didnt find it very fun this year either so I’m not sure I will work further years unless there is more benefit or at least I wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Add to that the fact that the customer base is usually an older generation at V and this year it was full of 16-19 year olds it started to feel a little awkward and the staff base were mostly 18 this year also, I’ve never felt old or out of place but when everyones 18 and anyone over 20 is seen as old it gets a little wierd.

The next week however was leeds festival and only 9 of us were taken on for this because workers beer company did the actual alchohol serving and we were in charge of the pop tents, this event was a lot more fun and I got some time off to go see some bands, and was front row center dancing away in the dance tent during grimes’s set where she kept looking me in the eye throughout. I found her set really fun as rather than sing for most of it she did a setup where she used DJ decks to mix in the sounds and she looked like she was having a lot of fun dancing away up there. Having said that I got soaked in champagne being up front which was fun and cooling in the heat but going back to work on your non alchoholic bar at night stinking of champagne probably didnt give the best impression haha.

The first night was my one night off and I decided it was definately the night to go out and get drunk, we had the entire day off and although we were in at 10am the next morning I figured it was the best opportunity because other days I would be coming off shift as opposed to having the entire day to have fun. The alchohol I bought didnt last very long and the other flair staff decided to take an early night so I ended up staying up with the cantonese food truck people who were plying me with alchohol all night and we were all having a laugh, but when some dutch guys turned up and constantly were asking who I was things got a little wierd and I decided to turn in for the night, the 20th time you tell someone who you are does get a little awkward when we’re all staff from different places and these were the only people left awake and around the campfire.

Having said that I had a lot more fun working on these bars, though one of the guys I was working with was a bit of a dick and said “lets share tips” so I placed all of my tips in his cup throughout the day and at the end of it he just pocketed it all himself which was rather selfish considering he’d stated he was going to split them, but I couldn’t be bothered to get into an argument about it as he was being devious in his methods of serving anyway deliberately giving the drinks first then taking the cash and being slow in the hopes they would walk away before he returns with the change to go “oh you’re gone.. thanks for the tip” at least my tips were genuine tips not change that was mistakenly forgotten, I had customers even going “oh its £2.20.. not £2.50″ from where he had short changed them all.

There were some highlights working where random girls were wanting thier pictures taken with me and one even gave me a cake and wanted me to meet her after my shift, this lead to the other guys on my bar going into overdrive being right chavvy guys like builders going “ey up love, nice arse” and crap like that which more than anything scared customers away from the bar especially considering we were getting a lot of underage girls as it was a pop bar.

At the end of the day a number of customers would return with major shakes and I began to wonder why so i looked at the ingredients in the relentless energy drinks we were serving, many customers would have 5-10 a day and looking at the ingredients per can it would contain 50-59% sugar depending on the variety and 10% salt per can, also 160mg of caffiene and 100% of a few different nutrients listed so many people were on extreme overdoses of these or possibly crashing or having diabetic reactions due to the high blood sugar levels (considering they were sustaining these levels the entire weekend of the festival as well as eating and possibly even taking alchohol on board)

The bands on offer here were also the best selection of any of the festivals I had seen advertised and definately the best way to end the festival season, it included an all night DJ which allowed for all night partying to anyone so inclined, however on the last night the distinct smell of human waste and tents and airbeds being passed overhead were a danger to anyone wearing glasses and rather offputting to staying out the entire night. Luckily I was on the staff section so avoided the sunday night riots which are commonplace every year and walking to the shuttlebusses after the event you could see the number of raided tents which had been cut apart and abandonned and also burnt remains of previousely inhabited tents. Apparrently reading festival was more considerate and left thier tents behind for charities as a friend of mine worked there collecting the tents and also found some spare cash lying around (lucky her)

The next day a number of the staff were off to work at dorset steam fair, including kate who was at leeds with workers beer even though she worked for flair, however having worked at leeds and not been able to check my email i was unable to go which seemed like i missed out from photo’s I saw after the event however I was happy with the plans I had made to visit a friend while I was up in the area so I took a coach to york, a nice little town but on a bank holiday and not knowing the area asking for directions was difficult due to the number of tourists.

I managed to get to my hotel in suitable time and then head straight out to see my friend where we spent most of the night in a pub chatting away before heading back to hers to watch some shows and chat whilst drinking/smoking. Time got away from us and it was soon 3am and with her having to work the next day I went back to my hotel, one piece of advice is when you’ve got to wake up at 7am to have a shower and make breakfast I would not reccommend that you stay up all night drinking and smoking certain substances because you wont really want to get up, saying that though it was worth it as it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I do wish sometimes I lived nearer some of my friends so I could spend proper time with them more. After a nice breakfast it was time to catch the coach away from the north and back here.

With a lack of internet connection and just this library to be able to type in video’s are a thing of the past at present, and maybe for the forseable future as I dont know when Im going to be able to sort things out, people say constantly things will get better just life doesnt always work out that way.

Its hard to find motivation for things these days I mean look at what has happened, Im now homeless with very little access to the internet to even talk to people I considered friends (as its amazing how some people will abandon you when you’ve got difficulty in getting in touch or complicated situations in life) IVe lost the one person in this universe who actually made me feel I belonged here as Id always felt an outcast my entire life until I met steph and I really felt I belonged for the first time and that ID actually found someone who made me feel human and normal. I still respect all the reasons she had and I still love her completely.

Also in this economy its impossible to find full time work in hospitality (the sector Im qualified and experienced in because some people see it as the doss hole for getting part time jobs in until they can find something better, whereas I have worked in this sector for years towards the higher end of the scale and studied this at university) On top of that finding housing is hard because there is immense pressure on the housing sector resulting in increased rents in the private sector and I am probably unlikely to find anywhere in the council or charity housing associations because the government screwwed me illegally out of my housing benefits even admitting they owed it me but still refused to pay it to the association on time until after I was evicted by them and made homeless.

Sometimes I just wonder what the point in all of this is, things arent getting better anytime soon, steph is still dying and doesnt want me in her life so we wont get too close even though I was already so in love with her I was ready to marry her, and lets be honest I dont really care about much other than that, just all the shit happening at once and never having had anything work out in life, tell me how this is any different to my own personal hell on earth?

Sorry for the lame title… just another general update of the crap thats constantly going on… seems fitting.

So doctor who returned this week, and in my opinion not in the best style possible, sure they went with daleks because they are the most commercial and well known of the foes, but it just felt a little silly, with rory and amy having split up seemingly over the most stupid reason… that she couldn’t have babies despite them having had the doctors wife as thier child. Also with the whole pregnant not pregnant timeline it hints at things which would mean any medical problem associated with this could be solved by being in the tardis, also I am more than sure there are a number of solutions the doctor would be able to provide which could fix this. Of course I can understand the whole trying to protect each other and letting each other go because they love each other so much plot.

Anyway ignoring all of that it comes down to the fact that mysteriousely the doctor has been outwitted by the daleks but for the first ever time they want his help rather than attempting to exterminate him, completely going against the daleks zenophobic nature and thier deep pride to actually ask the doctor of all people for help without attempting to solve matters themselves appearing scared of thier own kind and also having another nature that goes against previous episodes defined natures where they keep thier ill and insane daleks as opposed to exterminating any weakness in the bloodlines.

Further to changes to previous plots and the fact that the dalaks have been wiped out so many times and ressurected and changed it is hard to keep track of which daleks these actually decend from, rory jokes “which colour” which supports this but really, what ever happened to the dalek+ model that was invented when churchill had his little dalek weapon and they were in space and made the dalek equivalent of the cars you see in the fast and the furious (whatever thier actual name is, pimped up blingy fat mobiles… but in dalek form)

So throwing the plotline out of the window the writers decided then that daleks were perfectly happy not only converting living and dead matter to dalek form (not just an automiton as they have established in previous series prior to the new episodes IE cybermen and the likes) they actually had to be dalek in form, and ignoring the complete racism of daleks being the supreme race and no others being acceptible, they convert a human into a dalek allowing her to keep her entire intelligence and humanity, something no dalek would allow not even an insane one.

Inevitibly this was all just a ridiculous episode long setup for a cheesy one liner where the human dalek lady wiped the entire daleks database/hivemind of references of the doctor so they would all say “doctor who” and it just felt really cheap and not worthy of being a proper doctor who episode, had this been some stupid comic relief special it would have been accepted but this was supposed to be the big dramatic introduction to the new season, and this was the stupid plot twist they told everyone about… I felt robbed.

Hopefully future episodes will be better, I believe the steven moffat episodes are coming up which are usually the better written ones, and if there is actually a common linking theme this season I hope it is nothing to do with what happened in this episode or the fact that the humanised dalek/converted human however you want to put it… stated “remember me” as he clearly has a time machine and could easily jump to that point in time and save her and take her out somewhere and do something, but this would not be an exciting plot and would put me off the series. Of course this could have simply been a minor leadup to the fact that the daleks dont remember the doctor but it could be different.

The main idea that has to be explored though is that everyone in the previous series stated this was where the doctor turned dark and started being known for bad things accross the universe which is why people were turning against him so this has to be an idea to be explored, also there has to be a point where the doctor would die and pass on to the next life, this breaks the cycle with him and his wife travelling in opposite directions of the timeline and would result in him being able to free her from the library in his new form and the both of them being able to travel along the timeline together at the same time in mutual rebirth. (I hope that isnt a spoiler too much… just it makes sense that way)

In doing things the american way where theres 5 episodes a minor break then the rest of the season it could result in his death being episode 5 or at least there will be a major plot development at that point to entice people to watch the season when it returns (if its well written) but with 4 episodes to create such a leadup it could be difficult to pull off such a feat and allow for thier usual xmas special. Whatever happens I am hopeing that there is a dramatic improvement to the next episode as this felt like a very cheap quip with daleks thrown in for good measure as opposed to a high quality episode.