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Gameplay of Super Monday Night Combat, from the beta, through the invitational, and possibly beyond depending on if I play it, as I play it more videos will be added to the playlist, but not posted on my blog as new posts, so if you want to see if new video’s are added subscribe on youtube.

Playing cave story plus on steam doing voiceovers for all of the characters, having a laugh and doing ridiculousely bad voice overs. I am not going to post the seperate video’s for things such as this but simply post the entire playlist to minimise spam on my blog. I hope you enjoy the video

Ranting about the government and clarifying how the jobseekers system works at the request of a friend, stating what you have to do in order to maintain the jobseekers each week and how fragile the payments are and how easily they will cancel them, I also note how the government are incentivising councils to remove people from jobseekers by any means possible, and a side note about the euro and the eurozone along with how David Cameron left his eight year old child in a pub while he drove all the way home before realising. Look at what safe and caring hands we trust our society in

A roundup of the 2012 E3 conferences and my thoughts and opinions on what was shown and on offer, I think there are better titles that werent shown and what was shown had very little effort put into describing and showing off the capabilities of the games

Also its worth noting that trailers could have simply been shown as opposed to live play on stage where nothing was really shown and no effort was put in.

My Thoughts on the BBC Apprentice UK Final 2012, discussing the final candidates and thier idea’s and thier business plans

My final thoughts about tesco’s new product range called “easy home bake” based upon my experiences in both trying to find it, the price and the taste of the product and what else they have on offer similar and a price comparison of such.

Needless to say my views are that the product is not worth it as there are very few places that offer the range, it has no significant place in the market that I can assertain, and it is almost double the price of thier premade cookies and even thier premium premade cookies are cheaper and are better value as they have more chocolate etc.