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I havent actually decided if I want to post more short ponderings when things pop in my head or wait to try and make some proper posts yet, but I doubt I’d really ever tag such shirt ponderings if I was going to keep doing them.

sorry but what a pile of shite that looks, my sisters 3 year old could draw better than that, okay its meant to be a comedy, so act or something and film it rather than draw pathetic little things a 3 year old could draw better than, or hire in a decent artist to draw the characters, who cares if the comedies any good, put it on the radio if you cant be bothered to act the scenes or draw something decent.

When working at the nec having a message saying to be in for work the next morning at 7pm is one thing but when its a shift down in another town, in this case ascot being informed of it with a matter of hours before the end of the day before you are due to work there is a completely different matter, how am I meant to pack a tent, buy food to survive 4 days in a tent etc when I am informed after the shops have closed, and worse still I was not informed of an exact time to be there and where at ascot to meet, I tried phoneing the office first thing in the morning but was unable to get a response and have also emailed them which I doubt they would be able to check if they are off at ascot racecourse anyway. 

So it looks like I wont be doing this shift and if they think Im the one at fualt they are mistaken had I been informed properly and given enough notice I would have been there on time, and if I knew a place to meet them I could still go for the remaining three days but I get no response so will be unable to work that shift… oh well.